Hospitality and Tourism

London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism


标题: Dean, London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism 专长:
Airline and airport management
Airline consolidation
Omni channel aviation marketing
Airline economics
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Prof Alexandros Paraskeves

标题: Chair in Hospitality Management 专长:
Hospitality management
Human trafficking and tourism
Anti-terrorism strategies for hotels
Tourism crisis management
Strategic risk management
Disaster management
Organisational resilience
Business continuity
International hospitality business expansion
Multi-unit foodservice operations
Corporate and tourism destination reputation monitoring
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标题: Senior Lecturer, Events Management and Business 专长:
Event management
Event planning
Corporate events
Festivals and cultural events
Sustainable event management
Corporate Social Responsibility in events
Charitable and fundraising events
Event PR and marketing
Global conferences
International conference venues
Event security
Health and safety in events
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Dr Amalia Tsiami

标题: Associate Professor in Food Science 专长:
Food technology
营养 and diabetes
营养 and risk of CVD
营养 for the elderly
Mediterranean diet and obesity
营养 and children / adolescents
Use of nutritional supplementation
营养al food labelling
Functional foods
Characterisation of food hydrocolloids
Characterisation of food components
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